What Residential Proxies Purpose?

How to use residential proxies, where you can use this Service and how it works
Where you can use backconnect residential proxies with option to choose geolocation of proxy, choose country, city, state and another parameters?
In most cases Residential Proxies
hides your real IP address and helps you surf web anonymously
Generally this technology offers you ability to hide your real IP address of your device (home computer, office PC, your iPhone, iPad and other modern devices that can connects to Internet). Same functions also you can find using VPN software. It is same in principal, but have differences in applications.

Most people use residential proxies in next ways:

When they want to hide their real IP address

Why do they need to do it? Many situations when people don't want to share their real IP and residential proxies helps them in this case. Using browser settings (here you can find how to setup proxy settings in Firefox) they can hide their real location from others. Sometimes it is very difficult to detect real address of device from which anybody comes to for example internet forum or shop. It can helps you to avoid arrest or to purchase something on internet shop for cheaper price.

Criminals hide IP behind proxy

Too much different criminals, such as carders, drug dillers and others need to hide them under proxy or VPN not to be caught by police.
We will not discuss here how they do it, but only note that proxy server + TOR + 3G mobile modem helps them in this case very very well.


Many companies using residential proxies to check and compare prices for different countries. For example your mobile device Xiaomi MI9 may costs very different price for visitors from USA nd United Kingdom. Let's say that in USA it costs $600 and for UK price is $550. How residential proxies can helps in this case? You can purchase proxy from UK for $1 and using simple browser visit this shop and purchase this mobile with price $50 lower. Imagine if you a company that resell mobiles 100-200 daily. You can save much money.
Many specialists who working in internet marketing, SEO are talking with each other on these resources, we recommend you to take a look, so if you interesting in this theme you will be very happy to be in touch. Most popular resource is BlackHatWorld

Also residential proxies very helpful for scrapping different resources, such as Google. Proxies helps to avoid captcha. You can look video tutorial how to setup Scrapebox with Google passed proxies here.

Locked content

In row countries some resources are not available without using proxies. Such in China you not able to open YouTube, Facebook and many other websites. How proxies can fix this situation? Elementary — you setup proxy (in our case it is residential proxy) that belongs to USA and you change your location to USA. All resources that are available in USA now available for you too.

Social Marketing

For business that works in social networks (all progressive business do it) you can manage millions accounts simultaneously with help of residential proxies. For example if you want manage 1000 Instagram profiles you should have 1000 different residential IP addresses. It will helps you not to be banned by Instagram. Same situation for all social networks, not only Instagram or Facebook. Using exactly residential proxy service you increase % of your social marketing activity to maximum.

SEO engine optimization

Helps specialists in this area do their job in optimization websites and internet resources more effective.

This is not full lost of ways where people use residential proxies but generally we can claim that in our everyday life, in business cases proxies are demanded very much.
COSMO:PROXY offers you best residential proxy service for lowest price you can find on web. Also we offer free 7 days free proxy test so you can understand how our service works for your needs.
Our specialists will help you to choose plan for your needs exactly. One of advantage that we offer custom plans, so you can not pay for what you not use.
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